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Portuguese for Foreigners


Since 1986 Polyglot has been teaching Portuguese to foreigners. Having taught more than 135.000 hours to students of 61 nationalities, Polyglot is the leader in its area. Its long experience allows Polyglot to tailor really individualized programs for people with very different learning backgrounds and expectations.

Polyglot, a language institute in São Paulo, is totally focused on the teaching of Portuguese to foreigners. Among the many schools which teach this language, it is probably the most experienced and respected one in the area. No matter what nationality the student has (up to 2014 we had students of 68 different nationalities), Polyglot is prepared to turn them into fluent speakers of Portuguese. From the very first session on, our students are encouraged to communicate in Portuguese in day-to-day situations. As the program goes on, the students enjoy the sessions more and more. Their improvement is visible. The program may be held either at Polyglot headquarters in São Paulo, at your office, or your home. Schedules are flexible to meet your availability. We are active from Monday to Friday, also on Saturday or Sunday, if necessary, from 8AM to 8PM.

Our long experience has given us flexibility to organize programs whose content will not only meet your learning profile and needs of communication, whether personal or professional, but will also reduce time and optimize results.

With your own instructor, you will learn at your own pace. You make your time schedule. The choice is yours: regular or extra-session classes.

If you are a real beginner and need to learn Portuguese fast, you must know more about the Intensive Program. It will enable you, in a short time, to actively communicate in Portuguese. If you are not a beginner but wish to speed up your knowledge, our program can help you too.

Polyglot schedules courses for groups of employees from a company or groups of friends. This is a good way for you to learn the language by interacting with other people while spending less money.



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