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Individual Courses

All along the year, POLYGLOT offers sessions for all levels. These sessions can be developed at POLYGLOT or at your home or office for all programs, in different ways (individual classes, group classes.

Group courses

POLYGLOT does not offer classes for groups, but welcomes groups of friends that would like to study together. It is important that all the members of the group  have the same level of competence in Portuguese. 

Extra-session courses

For those students that have no time to attend a regular course, because they are always traveling. We will schedule their sessions according to their availability.


Intensive Courses


POLYGLOT is renowned for the surprising results of its intensive programs as can be confirmed by those who have already taken them. People of other countries come to us just for this purpose. Embassies and large companies also trust the quality of our intensive programs and send us their executives to learn the language well and quickly.

We believe that the success of these programs is a result of the way they are structured. Let us give you a just few details of our intensive courses. They can be organized for all levels and these details are always present:

Institute and instructors: You will enjoy the people you meet at the institute. They are kind, positive. You can feel you are welcome.

Change of instructors: Every two or three hours along the day

It is important for the student to listen to different people speaking the same language in different ways. It is necessary for this total oral comprehension.


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